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Djerriwarrh Community College is seeking expressions of interest from Parents and Community Members to join the Djerriwarrh Community College School Council.

Parent includes a guardian or a person responsible for the maintenance  or with custody of the Student of  the school and Community Member include all who live and are actively involved within our local community.

Community members may have a formal leadership role in a community organization with a focus on the further advancement of our community and school.

School Council Members follow a code of conduct that sets the standard of behaviours and requires councilors to:
– act with honesty and integrity and in the best interest of the school
– work cooperatively with other councilors and the school community, be reasonable, and make all decisions with the best interests of students in mind
– act fairly and impartially
– consider all relevant facts of an issue before making a decision, seek to have a balanced view
– use information appropriately and respect confidentiality
– act in a financially responsible manner observe all the above principles when making financial decisions
– exercise due care, diligence and skill accept responsibility for decisions and do what is best for the school
– act consistently with legislative and policy requirements when making decisions
– demonstrate leadership and stewardship set a good example, encourage a culture of accountability and child safety, manage risks effectively and responsibly to keep the school strong and sustainable.

If you are interested in joining the Djerriwarrh Community College School Council as the Parent/community representative, please contact Amy Farrell at 0421 230 724 to express your interest. Please note, places are limited!!