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It is integral that all members of our school community understand:

  • our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students
  • our expectations for positive student behaviour
  • the support available to students and families

We support the principles and practices of equal opportunity and human rights and undertake to ensure that programs are accessible to all eligible members of the community and are responsive to individual needs. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment which is free from discrimination, harassment and racism. We are further committed to providing opportunities for participation in the programs and services we offer regardless of culture, age, religion, gender, political affiliation, ability or disability.

We have developed a range of whole school strategies, alongside individual interventions to promote engagement, positive behaviour and respectful relationships for all students.

Djerriwarrh Community College runs the following programs:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Weekly home group sessions delivered by a Youth Worker; key focus areas include mental health, mindfulness, personal care, inclusivity and self-regulation
  • Weekly BBQ lunch with Cohealth Bus
  • Think You Know program, Victoria Police Personal Safety Program
  • Headspace and HALT program. Workshops that focus on young men’s mental health
  • In League in Harmony NRL program, with a focus on respect, responsibility and inclusiveness. This program promotes social cohesion, addresses disengagement and empowers youth to be agents of change
  • Contender Program, weekly mentoring workshop including Mixed Mental Attitudes, Hip Hop Narrative Therapy and The Relentless Martial Arts therapy
  • Weekly homework club which is available for all students to access
    All student have access to our Youth Worker and Education Support Staff. The learning environment is adjusted to meet the individual needs to students including calming zones and specialist equipment.

Identifying students in need of support

Djerriwarrh Community College is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure our students are supported intellectually, emotionally and socially. Our staff play a significant role in developing and implementing strategies that help identify students in need of support and enhance student wellbeing. Djerriwarrh Community College will utilise the following information and tools to identify students in need of emotional, social or educational support:

  • personal, health and learning information gathered upon enrolment and while the student is enrolled
  • attendance records
  • academic performance
  • observations by school staff such as changes in engagement, behaviour, self-care, social connectedness and motivation
  • engagement with parents/guardians
  • self-referrals or referrals from peers
  • care team meeting with case workers
  • information from internal and external assessments

Our Wellbeing Team will work with students in the following areas;

  • students’ emotional needs, including anxiety, depression and self esteem
  • general health and wellbeing
  • anger and behavior management
  • housing support
  • family and domestic violence support
  • drug and alcohol issues
  • identity

We will also make external referrals to support organisations where appropriate.


Discussions with students are confidential, however wellbeing staff may seek consent from the student and/or parent/carer to share information with specific staff. Wellbeing staff may also discuss a student’s needs within a team environment to ensure that appropriate supports are available and consistent.

In some circumstances, mandatory and professional standards require the wellbeing team to share information without consent to others such as Senior Leaders, parents or statutory/government agencies.

This includes:

  • Safety to self or others
  • A serious crime has been or is about to be committed
  • The school has been served a subpoena

Community Support Services

Melton Youth 6801 Outreach
9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Afterhours Outreach 5pm – 11pm Friday & Saturday
9743 6801 or text 0409 746 089.

Lifeline (Mental health phone service)
Call: 13 11 14
Text: 0477 13 11 14

Safe Steps (Sexual and family violence 24/7 response centre)
1800 015 188

Hope St Housing services Melton
First Response Mobile Outreach Team 9:30am – 10:30pm, 7 days a week.
(03) 9132 4300

Headspace Melton
(03) 8065 5600

Kids helpline
1800 55 1800

1800 Respect
1800 737 732

Good Shepherd
(03) 8312 8800

1800 Respect
1800 737 732

Catholic Care
(03) 5337 8999

Orange Door
1800 219 819
Available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday T (03) 9069 3210 (Family Wellbeing Support Service) T (03) 9926 5654 or (03) 9287 5512 (Emergency Relief).
Located in Melton Central