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Students need to be able to critically examine their career goals and have sound knowledge of the requirements for their planned further education, training or employment choices. Students work with staff to tailor their career action plans to their needs.

For those students choosing to progress to further education, their career action plan will focus on short-term goals that address selection requirements and processes. For those young people who intend to enter the workforce either for employment or training, including those deferring, the focus is on developing the skills and materials to seek employment including updating their résumé and preparing for job interviews.

In developing their career action plan, students will focus on the strategic steps to achieving their pathway plan with emphasis on the academic, financial and individual demands of their goals.

We provide weekly lessons dedicated to career education activities and development of the career action plans. Our career education program includes the following:

  • Self-development
  • Career exploration
  • Career management
  • Work experience
  • TAFE Open days
  • Try a Trade excursions
  • Partnerships with LLEN, Employment plus, job networks