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We are excited to advise that enrolments for 2023 at Djerriwarrh Community College are now open.

Please access the Information Session video , If you looking for more information about the course offered at Djerriwarrh Community College.

In order to apply for enrolment, it is important that all steps of the Enrolment process are followed as outlined below:


Enrolment Process:

Step 1: Referral form

Complete & submit the referral form through our website. We will carefully consider all referrals.

Step 2:   Interview and Language, Literacy & Numeracy Assessment.

Shortlisted referrals are then invited for an enrolment interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal followed by the Language, Literacy & Numeracy assessment.

Those applying for enrolment must read the Student HandbookEnrolment Policy, Student Code of Conduct  and the Parent Code of Conduct.

The outcome of the enrolment interview will determine whether a place in the College will be offered.

Availability of places is also a determining factor; therefore, some applicants may be allocated to a waiting list.

Step 4:   Administrative

If a place is offered at Djerriwarrh Community College, a letter of offer will be sent out and student, Parents/Guardians will be invited for completing the Enrolment application.

All relevant identification documentation, previous School reports & health assessments must be submitted at the time of enrolment.

Confirmation of enrolment will be sent to the students on successful completion of enrolment applications.


If you are interested and have further questions about the enrolment process, please contact us at 03 8746 1082 or email us at .

Please note – Places are Limited!!